Resistance is futile!

April 6, 2006 at 1:31 nm Lewer kommentaar

There are people who, when you spend time with them, fill you up with ideas and energy and vision. After being with them for only a short while, you feel ready to conquer the world.
But… there are also people who are energy-vampires, leaches that suck the energy and life and vision and hope right out of you. Spending time with them is like having the bathplug pulled out of your life, having to watch helplessly while your energy gurgles down the drain with a sickening slurp.
These people tend to levitate toward priests/ministers/pastors/reverends/just plain ol’ dominees like flies to a corpse.
Problem is, if you are a priest or minister or pastor or reverend or just plain ol’ dominee, you can’t scream at them: “Go away! I’m not a corpse!” Noooo. You have to smile while the energy is being drained out of you, like a bad science fiction movie.
Until you have been assimilated, until you too become a sucker of life (which, obviously, you already were, since you are a priest/minister/pastor/reverend/just plain ol’ dominee. Sucker!) Until you too start sucking the life out of unsuspecting internet surfers who just happen to read your blog.
Resistance is futile!


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