Sy’t obviously gesoek daarvoor

April 6, 2006 at 6:52 nm 2 Kommentaar

Chris Roper skryf:
According to my trusty News24 site, in his testimony at what the white-owned Mbeki-controlled media still insists on calling a “rape” trial, “Zuma said the woman had never visited him wearing a skirt before. On the night of the alleged rape, she had arrived wearing a knee-length skirt. ‘When she came to me in a skirt… well, it told me something,’ he said.”

I am sympathetic to other cultures, I really am, but I should just point out that in my culture it was traditional to think of black people as inferior and vaguely smelly, and we’ve managed to get over that pretty well. Is it too much to ask that cultures (and I include my culture in this) get over the apparently entrenched idea that women with knees are asking for sex?

Gaan lees sy volledige kommentaar hier.

Ander juweeltjies uit die Zuma pantomime, soos berig deur News24:

  • “If a man sees a woman in a G-string, he deserves to rape her.”
  • He said it was his lay understanding that one could not contract the disease just from having sex with a woman. (Kan dit ‘n vorige voorsitter van die Aids Council wees wat so praat?!)

Well, duidelik is “geslagsgelykheid” glad nie ‘n probleem in SA nie.


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Resistance is futile! Blieg

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  • 1. Coffee Break  |  April 10, 2006 om 12:09 vm

    Maybe not the comment you were looking for here BUT…

    Chris Roper is briljant! Alles!
    Ek lees sy News24 column getrou.

    Jou blog lees ook ‘lekker’ en ek sal weer kom besoek afl^e!

  • 2. maeree  |  April 11, 2006 om 10:06 nm

    My baba-blog waardeer énige comments wat sy kry. Besides, Chris Roper is briljant.


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