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Die sterre is wurms in die heelal.

Die een oomblik vertel Rondloper nog van nuwe sterre, die volgende oomblik is Pluto nie meer ‘n planeet nie!

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Nog net ‘n maand. . .

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As daar ‘n Mnr Gay Vatikaanstad kan wees, kan daar sekerlik ook ‘n Mnr [seksuele oriëntasie nie relevant nie] PE wees. En hy lyk so:

Wat nou ekstra nice sal wees, is as mense foto’s post van Mnr Johannesburg, Mnr Kaapstad, Mnr Durban en Mnr Baardskeerdersbos. (Ek wil nie voorskriftelik wees nie, maar as hulle minder klere kan aanhê as Mnr PE, sal dit natuurlik ideaal wees.)

NS. Niks persoonlik nie, maar ek dink dié blog se foto’s is baie mooier as bolandbayern s’n.

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Dit mag waar wees, maar dis so móéilik.

If humanity minus one were of one opinion, then humanity is no more justified in silencing the one than the one – if s/he had the power – would be justified in silencing humanity. – John Stuart Mill

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‘n Liewe vriend van my (dalk het sommige van julle al met hom gesels) het eendag, nadat hy nóg ‘n kettingbrief ontvang het wat hom waarsku teen een of ander fliek, groep, produk, persoon. . . die volgende geskryf. Vermoedelik meer vir sy eie terapie as enige ander rede.
(Moenie bekommerd wees nie, jy hoef nie die hele ding te lees nie! Al wat jy moet doen, is om dit in ‘n e-pos boodskap te copy en dit te fw aan al die e-peste wat gereeld vir jou sulke e-posse stuur. Die idee is om te kyk hoe lank dit vat voordat dit weer by die persoon wat dit geskryf het uitkom.)
Waarskuwing: Ek was in vreeslike groot moeilikheid toe ek dit vir ‘n paar mense gestuur het.

Dear Brother/Sister in Christ

It is very important for Christians to know the enemy. The shocking reality, however, is that pagan rituals infiltrated our lifestyles in a very deceiving manner. We do not even realize that we often sacrifice to pagan gods several times a day! Please read this revelation carefully, for we can not allow sacrificing our children and our newborn babies by means of pagan rituals.

We all know that the One and only Lord Jesus Christ is our Saviour. He, and He alone, can cleanse us and make us pure. He is the Way, the Truth, and the light. We can not be purified in any other way.

Therefore, take note of the following short description of the history of soap. YOU WILL BE AMAZED AT THESE FACTS, AND WILL BE OBLIGED TO CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE FOR THE SAKE OF OUR CHILDREN.

Soap got its name, according to an ancient Roman legend, from Mount Sapo, where animals were sacrificed. Rain washed a mixture of melted animal fat, or tallow, and wood ashes down into the clay soil along the Tiber River. Women found that this clay mixture made their wash cleaner with much less effort.
The ancient Germans and Gauls are also credited with discovering a substance called soap, made of tallow and ashes, that they used to tint their hair red.”

We already know for certain that the ancient Germans, Romans and Gauls were paganists. It is therefore no suprise that they would take the rituals associated with washing and bathing to extremities.

The church realised this: “One of the most stupid calumnies on the manners of the Catholic Middle Ages that bathing was forbidden, that it was seldom practiced, and the like.” (Thomas J. Shanan, The Middle Ages: Sketches and Fragments). According to Shanan, this was a “stupid” rule of the church. But perhaps this was one of the times the Catholic Church saw the enemy trying to disguise himself. DECIDE FOR YOURSELF, IF YOU DARE.

The enemy did not only use one or two pagan nations to blind us in the 21st century:

“What follows is a simple account of how, in earlier times, the Eastern Slavs, particularly the pre-Christian Russians, interacted with nature. Pre-Christian slavic religion was mainly based on nature worship. Fire, Earth and Water figured prominently in its beliefs and ritual practices. The forces of nature were personified, feared, and revered, and the Slavs developed a whole pantheon of gods and goddesses.

It is not accidental then that in birth rituals, stone, water, and fire play important roles. The woman in confinement is brought to a preheated bath house (banya) for delivery. The bath-house is on the periphery of the house. Its specific association with water and fire made it the most important part of the various rituals related to the life-cycle. Three stones or burning coals are brought to the bath house and placed in the water tub. The mother and the child are given bath in this water; the mother and the mid-wife also drink this water, which is also sprinkled on the guests who come to see the child. The hot bath-house with water and stone stand, on the one hand, for the continuity of life, or represent life itself. On the other, it also plays a magical role in the preservation of life. The second dimension of this agent lies in its purificatory, evil-warding powers.

In birth rituals, water represents continuity, and the preservation of life. In death rituals, it is predominantly purificatory.”
“Spiritual Bathing and Cleansing is an ancient practice. Many people believe that a Ritual Bath will put an end to adverse conditions and open the way for Luck, Love, Money, and Happiness to enter their lives. Those who use these Scented Crystals in Spiritual Baths dissolve half the contents of a packet in a tub of water and pour the liquid over themselves as they recite a wish, a prayer, or one of the Psalms. We also know folks who dissolve these Scented Crystals in a pail of warm water and use as a Floor Wash to rid the home of Foul Odors and to bring about their desires in Financial Matters, Luck, Romance, or Games of Chance. We do not make any claims, but sell these fine Scented Bath Crystals as a curio only.” (The Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Catalogue)

“The use of herb baths, mineral bath crystals, and floor washes has been a part of hoodoo practice for a very long time. Generally speaking, they combine elements of African and European magical, religious, and witchcraft traditions and also a bit of Native American plant lore.”

Herbal baths are often used when sickness is present, and are pan-cultural in their distribution. The African belief in foot-track magic — causing good or evil to another through their foot track — additionally calls for regular ritual cleaning of not only the person but the doorstep and yard, in order to remove harmful materials such as Goofer Dust or War Water, which may be laid down in the path by an enemy.

Since the 20th century, mineral salts, liquid detergents, room sprays, and other modern bathing and cleaning supplies have been manufactured in convenient forms for use in magical cleansing and purification rites. The basis for these modern hoodoo products is typically an anointing or dressing oil. Root doctors traditionally name their oils after the conditions they are believed to cause or to cure. Thus, by extension, Peaceful Home Bath and Floor Wash Crystals, like Peaceful Home Oil, is said to bring about contentment and an end to resentment in the family, while Crown of Success Crystals, like Crown of Success Oil, is believed to enhance one’s good fortune in school, career, business, and public life.

Japanese baths are of similar if not greater antiquity. Western writers claim that the soaking baths of Japan originate from the extensive use of Japanese hot springs.

“Situated between two volcanic belts, Japan offers countless natural thermal baths, furos. The tradition of public bathing dates back at least to A.D. 552 and to the dawn of Buddhism, which taught that such hygiene not only purified the body of sin but also brought luck.” (von Furstenberg, p. 91) Von Furstenberg, Diane. The Bath. (New York, Random House, 1993).

Although Canadian Indians didnt use soap, bathing was more than for hygiene. With fasting and celibacy, it was a body and soul cleansing experience for them. It prepared the Indians for communion with supernatural beings. It was also used as a ritual before hunting, healing, and initiation. Young Indian babies were bathed frequently in cold water to toughen them. This insured only the fit survived by withstanding this endurance test.

NOWHERE IN THE BIBLE IS SOAP MENTIONED. Washing is prescribed in certain circumstances, but not sith soap. Any oils, minerals or animal products in soap OPENS AN UNWANTED DOOR TO YOUR SPIRIT.

We can not ignore the pagan origins of soap anymore. Have you noticed the downward spiral of norms and godfearing values in our society? Ever thought about the uprising in bath-oils, the wide varieties of soaps and excessive consumption of bathing consumables? On our TV screens and in our magazines we see and hear that our bodies are “gods and goddesses.” We are being told that we should “spoil ourselves” and indulge in self-time while bathing. Who, do you think, see to it that these messages are being proclaimed in these last days?

DO NOT BE BLINDED BY THE ENEMY. YOU CAN NOT BUY, MAKE OR USE SOAP. EVER. Unless, of course, you want to deny God.

Please send this email to as many believers as possible. We can not allow this atrocity anymore.

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Eervolle Vermelding II

Dorothy se kommentaar onder “Guilty as Charged“:
Blogging is really just a symptom, nay! a justifiable consequence and acknowledgement of undeniable mediocrity. It is the ultimate tool of the bourgeoisie! ALL HAIL THE MIDDLECLASS MENTALITY. Because really, it’s not that bad.

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