Deep-Sea Blowfish

Junie 23, 2007 at 5:02 nm 2 Kommentaar

(Opgedra aan Salige Rus se Tuna-en-mayonaise-toebroodjie-sonder-mayonaise.)

Deep-Sea Blowfish

(The Easy Version – not requiring years of training)


1 deep-sea blowfish
50g sea bream or other white fish, absolutely fresh, filleted
3-4 radishes
2-3 spring onions
a few sprigs of watercress

an eggcup full of light soy sauce to use as a dip, mixed with:
1 teaspoon mustard or
2 teaspoons lemon juice or
1 clove garlic, crushed

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing here is not to use any of the blowfish whatsoever, since every single part of it is deadly in a very unpleasant way. Basic’ly, they’d be able to bury you in an envelope. So, after covering all work surfaces, dispose of the blowfish very carefully. Better yet, get someone else, perhaps someone you don’t like very much but who doesn’t owe you money, to dispose of the blowfish. An incinerator would be an ideal place, provided the smoke is blowing in the direction of unnecessary people.

Of course, you might ask why bother to obtain a deep-sea blowfish at all? Well, if you do not, the dish will still be very pleasant. But it will not have that delicate frission, as they call it, which lifts the dish to gastronomic heaven. Connoisseurs claim the can tell by the taste if a blowfish has been anywhere near the kitchen on the day of preparation, and woe betide the chef who just couldn’t be bothered to go out and buy one. They say the dish knows there’s been a blowfish nearby.

I heard where some wizards reckon that the blowfish business is a bt like that idea that water remembers what’s been in it. That’s pretty clever. But when you think of some of the things people have put in water, and then remember that water goes round and round, maybe it’s best to drink beer.

My feelin’ is that people know the dish is a genuine blowfish dish when they’ve been charged $100 for it. If some food wasn’t so expensive, no one would eat it.

Lees die res van die resep in Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook.


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Die lewe is saai en vervelig sonder Die Lammervanger Kameelperde is my gunsteling

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  • 1. Pienk Zuit  |  Junie 25, 2007 om 8:17 vm

    Is dit net ek, of spot Pratchet baie subtiel met homeopate: “the blowfish business is a bit like that idea that water remembers what’s been in it”.

  • 2. idiwidi  |  Junie 25, 2007 om 6:45 nm

    Weet julle hoe duur blowfish in Japan is? Baie duur.


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