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“A friend of mine attended a Christian pastors’ conference in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The participants, gathered from across North America, included one Native American pastor who was on his first trip to a major metropolitan city. During a lunch break the Native American pastor took a walk outside with one of his colleagues. As they stretched their legs along the busy pavement, the pastor suddenly stopped, turned to his companion and said “Do you hear that?” The friend paused and considered the bustling noise of the city. “Hear what?” he replied.

Planted along the city pavement was a small row of trees. At the base of each tree was a circle of flowers. The pastor walked over to one of the trees, knelt down, reached beneath one of the floral clusters, then stood and opened his hand, revealing a small black bug. “It’s a cricket.”

Dumbfounded, his friend replied, “How could you possibly hear that?” The Native American pastor reached into his trouser pocket, took out a handful of coins and threw them into the air. As the coins hit the cement, people from all directions stopped and looked down. The pastor turned to his companion and said, “It depends on what you’re listening for.”

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