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Augustus 4, 2009 at 8:48 vm 9 Kommentaar

Die brief wat ek vir HTC geskryf het op 27 Julie 2009:

On 2 July I upgraded my cellphone contract. Part of the contract was a payment plan for an HTC Touch Diamond. They had one in store. I took it home, loaded all my data on to it, etc.

When I tried to make a call, however, it seemed that the phone was unable to make or receive calls!

So, back to the shop, wait for a week, get a new HTC Touch Diamond.

Took it home, loaded data, tried to make a call… same thing: phone unable to make or receive calls!

Once again, back to shop (I do not stay close to them and wasted money and time on all these ridiculous trips). Once again, wait for a week. This time I refused to take the phone before they tested it. And once again it could not make or receive calls! Three out of three!

It seems to me that the Touch Diamond is your benchmark phone, since it is the one advertised the most. I have always liked HTC and wanted to stick to the brand. But how can you manufacture, market and sell phones that does not work?

This has cost me money, time and a lot of frustration. I had to pay for a phone that I did not have! This is unacceptable. I believe that a professional company should have better quality control ánd customer service. Yours

Hulle reaksie was om my te laat weet dat my brief na die plaaslike verspreider geforward is. Ek het dit self ook vir hulle aangestuur. Reaksie? Geen.


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Skuldig skuldig skuldig VRA MY TOESTEMMING!

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  • 1. oordose  |  Augustus 4, 2009 om 9:44 vm

    try die:
    dit kry nogal soms resultate…

  • 2. dorothy black  |  Augustus 4, 2009 om 1:34 nm

    go to and see how quickly you get a response

  • 3. dorothy black  |  Augustus 4, 2009 om 1:34 nm

    oh wait – ha ha didn’t read the other comment. but, yeah, ditto

  • 4. freddy  |  Augustus 5, 2009 om 9:13 vm

    Ek het gaan loer by hellopeter en was verbaas om te ontdek Home Affairs doen beter as BMW of Audi of Checkers.

  • 5. Pienk Zuit  |  Augustus 6, 2009 om 9:19 vm

    Het jy geweet daar is nie smaak-zones op ‘n mens se tong (soos ons altyd geleer het in Gesondheidsleer) nie?

  • 6. Johan Swarts  |  Augustus 6, 2009 om 10:57 vm

    daai brief gaan deur 30434 verskillende mense gaan, elkeen met die gesindheid: “dis nie my job nie”. jy gaan dalk nooit gehelp word nie.

    sad but true.

  • 7. freddy  |  Augustus 7, 2009 om 7:58 vm

    Pienk, dalk is DIT hoekom die foon nie wou werk nie! (But point taken: welcome back!) :D

  • 8. maeree  |  Augustus 11, 2009 om 9:46 vm

    hellopeter wil nie dat ek registreer nie. so ek voel al vriendeliker.

    zuit, hoe proe ‘n mens dan? Huh? Huh? jou kom staan en slim hou hier op my blog. gmph.

  • 9. Pienk Zuit  |  Augustus 11, 2009 om 10:44 vm

    Met jou tong, net nie in zones nie.

    Ek hou my nie slim nie, ek is slim. gmph.


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